Kanaka Ikaika Racing Association presents the 47th Edition of the MOLOKAI CHALLENGE.

Surfski and Outrigger Canoes only

DATE: Sunday May 19, 2024
COURSE: Molokai to Oahu. 32 miles (53 km) across the Ka’iwi channel from Kaluakoi Beach on the west end of Molokai to Maunalua Bay Beach Park, Hawaii Kai, Oahu (At the Keyhole on north side of the bridge).

Mandatory forms:
Escort Boat Waiver form: https://s3.amazonaws.com/pse_live/Kanaka%20Ikaika/Molokai%20Challenge/Escort%20Boat%20Waiver%20Form.pdf
Insurance Waiver: https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/e/CAArkLd6mevzRKvbHWw7jj/

Entry Fee per Paddler Before May 06, 2024 Before May 13, 2024
Adult Solo (Surfski1) $270.00 $350.00
Adult Solo (Surfski2,OC2) $270.00 $350.00
Junior Solo (Surfski1) $170.00 $250.00
Junior Solo (Surfski2,OC2) $170.00 $250.00
Adult Relay (Surfski1,OC1) $270.00 $350.00
NEW Bucket Adult Relay (Surfski1,OC1) $270.00 $350.00
Adult Relay (Surfski2,OC2) $270.00 $350.00
NEW Bucket Adult Relay (Surfski2,OC2) $270.00 $350.00
Junior Relay (Surfski1,OC1) $170.00 $250.00
NEW Bucket Junior Relay (Surfski1,OC1) $170.00 $250.00
Junior Relay (Surfski2,OC2) $170.00 $250.00
NEW Bucket Junior Relay (Surfski2,OC2) $170.00 $250.00

Relay Surfski teams are encouraged to find a suitable sized partner, or a ski with easily adjusting foot pedals so that no craft changes are needed. If substitute crafts are used, it is subject to paddlers finding an escort willing to change crafts mid channel. And, if substitute crafts are used, relief paddler must be facing towards Molokai when his or her partner paddles up for the switch. OC-1 relay teams must use one canoe.

All relay teams are entered in the age group of the youngest team member. Hence, youngest paddler determines your category. If Junior and adult paddle together the category is 19-39 (19 – 54 for OC-2).

Surfski solo and Tandem relay teams will default top 3 to open with age group placing starting with 4th place.

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