Finish Line Productions, Inc.

Online Registration System

Online event registration is now available through a local Hawaii based company. Customer service is available locally and there is no time difference to worry about when problems occur. We will set up your event for free[1], there is no minimum number of participants required, and no monthly fees. Simply send us a copy of your registration form and website address.

Our online registration system is simple and easy to use. Online processing is secure and fees are minimal for the athlete or person signing up.

Process Multiple Entries With Just One Credit Card Transaction

  • Families or groups may enter multiple entries by clicking on Save and Add Another
  • A detailed receipt can be viewed and printed after the transaction is completed

Process Team Entries

  • Online registration can be set up for individual entries or team entries.
  • A team captain will sign up online and create a team name.
  • A Team Captain Welcome Email will be sent to the team captain with the link to the online registration form and team password which can be forwarded to team members.
  • Team members sign up online for their team and pay for his/her individual entry fee.
  • Email notification will be sent to the team captain when a member signs up.
  • Team roster can be viewed through the link included in the team captain email notification.
  • Limits can be set for team size.

Event Director / Volunteer Data Entry Access

Event directors and data entry volunteers will have access to the following depending on their qualification:

  • Access multiple events that you manage.
  • View stats: Number of participants, fees collected, T-shirts, etc.
  • Access search view: Search by using first name, last name, email address, phone number, or bib number.
  • Add manual registrations: Mail-in applications may be entered to keep a complete database of entries. Confirmation email notifications will be sent to participants.
  • Edit registrations: Changes or corrections may be made to participant entries.
  • Download registration reports: Download all data or download by date range. Data may be sorted and/or subtotaled as needed by the race/event director.

Automatic Bib Numbering

Online registration can be set to include Automatic Bib Numbering:

  • Race numbers can be set to a specific series of numbers.
  • Race numbering can be set for entire event or for individual categories/divisions.
  • Race numbers will be included in the email confirmation to the participant.
  • Online registration can be set to limit entries for a single or all categories.

E-mail Blast

  • The Race Director or admin can send out e-mails to the participants signed up to date thru the admin site for their events only.
  • Race directors (with email blast permission enabled) can see the email blasts list. (It looks different for admins and race directors). Race directors can only see their own email blasts.
  • You can target participants by country or current / previous year events.

Online Processing Fee Paid By Event

  • The online processing fee is normally charged to the participant during the online registration process. The event organizer now has the option of paying for the online processing fee for the participants. The processing fees will be deducted from the payments to the event.

Optional Discount Feature

  • A discount may be applied to regular entry fees through a “Discount Code”. Discount may be given by percentage or a pre-set amount.
  • The discount code can be used to discount the entry fee by a percentage or by a flat dollar amount.
  • Multiple discount codes can be set up per event.
  • The discount codes are displayed prior to check out at the bottom.
  • You can also set up the discount percent up to 100%.

Optional Extra Items Section

  • An extra section can be enabled to sell products such as t-shirts, lunch tickets etc. A photo of an extra item being sold can be included.
  • Extra items reports can be downloaded by total quantities by item and/or a transaction list.

Secret Access Code

  • A secret access code may be assigned to enable online registration and credit card transactions after online registration closes. This may be utilized for late registration at packet pick up.

Timely Payments To The Event

  • Checks will be sent to the event on a monthly or bi-weekly basis depending on the size of the event.

Fee Schedule [2]

Price Range Online Fee
$0.01 to $100.99 6.5% + $0.50
$101.00 to $499.99 6.5%
$500.00 and greater 3.5% + $10.75

1 Additional fees will apply for custom programming.
2 Prices are subject to change without notice. Fees are charged to the participant or to the event.

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